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e-Health Media

Brief description: Guildfoss has worked with EHealth Media for many years in the healthcare sector, writing articles and supporting IHE standards sessions and stands.

Location: ,

Contact email: Neil@e-health-media.com

Website: www.e-health-insider.com

About the company

EHealth Media is the company that owns and manages: eHealth Insider, eHealth Insider Primary Care, eHealth Europe, eHealth Insider Jobs, eHealth Insider Research, eHealth Insider Intelligence and eHealth Insider Events. 
EHealth Insider www.e-health-insider.com is an online news and information service dedicated to healthcare information technology. The EHI website offers a daily mix of original news, analysis, editorial comment and features, backed up by lively comments from its readers.
EHI Events runs a unique range of events for the healthcare IT community. Its two big events are EHI Live and the eHealth Insider Awards - but it also runs bespoke webinars and round-table discussions. In all cases, eHealth Media uses its deep sector knowledge and experience to create industry-leading events that are independent, informed and relevant to healthcare professionals.

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