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360 Degree Vision

Brief description: Guildfoss has worked with 360 Degree Vision on events, as well as training and development projects

Location: ,

Contact email: nick@360degreevision.co.uk

Website: www.360degreevision.co.uk

About the company

We help clients deliver strategy through their people with multi-media solutions.
We aim to help our clients select the most powerful and effective programmes for their unique context and business priorities.
We help them select the right media, at the right time, for the right people in the right place including:
  1. Interactive events, workshops and training seminars (live and now virtual!) - powerful activities, metaphors, keynote concepts and facilitation
  2. Video-based learning and reinforcement tools
  3. Actor-based simulations featuring Colourful Characters and Bite-Size Plays- customer and employee scripted and verbatim simulations, blended live and virtual skill building tools, stories and scenarios