Business Development

Business Development is the activity which creates sales opportunity from a potential market. There are many different methods of doing this. Some have business development directorship positions within the company, others regard business development as an irregular team activity performed to generate pipeline for sale. In services companies, business development must be a continuous activity. Service execution builds trust and familiarity in order to gain higher value work. In the software industry, business development is core to revenue generation and critical to enabling partner driven sales.

Open source software presents clients and partner organisations with interesting business development challenges on both sides. Business development is an evolving discipline, requiring a range of management consulting skills, technical product knowledge and experience of at least one and preferably more than one market sector. For the enterprise software market, an in-depth knowledge of a range of technical architectures is essential to understand the value of software acquisition.

Guildfoss has developed a four stage business development methodology for realising and delivering value directly through clients as well as indirectly through partners and channels.


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