Strategy and Procurement Consulting

Any project which proposes the use of open source software needs an overarching strategy to fully realise and exploit the benefits and mitigate the risks of open source software.

Open source software does not have the same business model as proprietary software, and so it follows that cannot have the procurement model. There are issues which need to be addressed such as:

  • software license: Cannot be varied from the relevant open source licenses
  • software support: Must be sourced by a registered company, and not necessarily responsible for the open source license
  • possible additional obligations on users to reference open source  license and to contribute new code back into a creative commons
  • security: Open source delivers a level of transparency, which offers both new benefits and risks to the security concerns of a project, which need to be assessed and acted on
  • community. The availability of open source skills in the development community and peer industry needs to be assessed to ensure sustainability of the project.

Open source also provides additional rights and obligations which occur outside of any additional procurement contract, which need to be taken into account in the overall procurement strategy.

Any procurement strategy which employs open source software needs to address these and other factors, if the software acquistion is to be a success within the organisation.


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