Project Management and Implementation

There are many different kinds of open source platform, but there is one thing that they all have in common. They will do nothing for you out of the box! Every deployment needs a services project or even a group of projects - a programme - to ensure the delivery of a service and benefits stream to the  business.

Guildfoss has many years experience of managing many kinds of people, software and service transformations, covering:

  • Business Continuity and Data Migration
  • Organisational Development and Training for the Intelligent Customer Function
  • Enterprise Identity management , integration and messaging services
  • Web content management, social networking and workflow management 
  • Data architecture and meta data management
  • Interoperability testing and data integration

Services are core to all open source platforms and it is vital that the project mamagement role undestands how to frame and deliver services work.

Guildfoss has over 20 years of project management experience both for and within blue chip companies.


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