Hackday culture

October 1, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (0)

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Well the world certainly has gone hack crazy, since Aidan Mcguire of Scraperwiki came to the Skunkworks 2011 stand last year and held the first ad hoc NHS Hack. Since then NHSHackday has gone on to achieve stellar things in terms of energising NHS geeks to help reengineer the nations health IT.

Now you might naturally think - oh he's just hyping things up! But when the NHS Information Centre announces that it is to change its normal procurement process, and introduce a HACK WEEK starting on the 10th October 2012, then you know that its not just hype. The NHS IC's Secondary Uses Service, run by BT using the SPINE, caused a furore or interest when it was launched in 2004, as it tracks and informs over 30bn of NHS spend on hospitals. To invite this architecture to an open hack is a real sign that the NHS IT leadership is changing for the better.

 . . . and Hackdays really are changing the culture of Health IT in the UK. 

And not just in Healthcare: The first Healthresearchhack is being held at Leicester this year, check out https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/healthresearchhack :  unforntunately on the same day as the HACKWEEK!. 

Wow - things really are changing fast.