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The Open Source Wave to hit UK in 2012

September 5, 2011 by gfoss   Comments (5)

Hey - that's my view. 
In 2013, every procurement executive will be asking the question: "So why isn't your product using open source software?" Quite an assertion given that open source software is practically excluded from most public and private procurement by its lack of license model. Lets look the rationale to support this assertion.
Technological Darwinism.  
Product companies can't write operating systems or software frameworks from scratch every time they need... Read full post

The importance of standards and open source in Healthcare

September 4, 2011 by gfoss   Comments (17)

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Everybody wants standards don't they? But why? What do we want standards to achieve, that cannot be achieved through other means? Standards are a tool to help us moderate, improve and perhaps even to define “a society”. They are a means to influence collective outcomes, without having to control everyone's activity. The use of standards is an example of the “cede control to gain command” principle. Loosely speaking, standards are codes of practice for how things and... Read full post