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Bleep, Bleep Solution at NHSHackday

May 27, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (0)

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A complex problem as posted by Carl Reynolds and Wai Keong was solved at #nhshackday by Malcolm Newbury, Simone Avossa, Joe Hughes, Tim Knowles, Sean Radford, Francis Wong, Geoff Hall and Doug Livingstone(from another team grabbed in the last half an hour!) :photos here
The integrated Cloud - mobile service solution was developed over the weekend and came in the top three.
Here is the text of my #nhshackday googlegroup post:
All in common with others, I feel the need to try and... Read full post

Cabinet Office Open Standards Consultation

April 29, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (1)


Well. there is a temptation to feel a bit dissapointed, when you hear that your input into the first cabinet office workshop output on open standards has been binned along with the rest of the meeting. However, given the circumstances coupled with completely one sided views of the previously invisible attendees, I feel that this was the right result. Lets hope that the next one is a little has people who are a little less commercially funded to oppose open standards from the off.

Skunkworks 2011: the verdict?

February 5, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (6)

Well its been a couple of months since the Skunkworks gig at EHI Live. General view from organisers and the vendors attending was that it a great success from a number of viewpoints:

it successfully demonstrated a variety of open source software platforms addressing real clinical as well as administrative challenges
it created a buzz around around open source software as part of a new approach to acquiring software, which is not shrouded in bureaucracy
it generated business... Read full post

Presentation at the London Elgg User Group

November 26, 2011 by gfoss   Comments (0)


Gave a talk to the London Elgg User group about  the "Huggle" Elgg demonstrator I'm building:
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Even though I had laptop problems! The rest of the evengin was very encouraging , hearing about elgg 1.8 features, enhancing the security of elgg and a book to be launched soon from Cash Costello - lead elgg developer.
Nice evening.

Moorfields and Misys winners of Guardian open source competition 2011

September 25, 2011 by gfoss   Comments (0)


In a battle of fresh minded individuals and companies, the 2011 Smarthealthcare LIve Open Source awards compeitition fielded a range of projects which promised innovation, integration and commodisation. Mysis Open Source Solutions (a US division of UK Misys plc) and Moorfields Eye Hospital emerged as the winners.
Realising that innovation in open source and open standards needed a bit of a kick start, the competition was organised in a joint effort between IHE-UK and the government inspired... Read full post


September 15, 2011 by gfoss   Comments (0)


I first came across the word "skunkworks", when working on a Lockheed Martin open source enterprise architecture opportunity for Sun in 2008. Since then, its been adopted by the new UK cabinet office as a way to reshape government IT delivery and seems to be a general bye word for a method of working which is collaborative, non-conformant but delivers quick results. 
The skunkworks could be the most direct way to ask the question: How can we reenvigorate... Read full post

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September 9, 2011 by gfoss   Comments (0)


Do please use this space to send us general comments, requests for assistance, or announcements we may be interested in. We will respond in due course.

OpenESB Community takes in Mural MDM from Oracle

September 7, 2011 by gfoss   Comments (0)

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This is an update of a blog entry I did a year ago.
When JavaCAPS was launched with zero fanfare, as Sun's replacement of ICAN, which used to be called eGate, which used to be called Datagate, which used to be called STL . . . bear with me here, you could hear the groan going around as yet another product roadmap was torn up and replaced with one which was simply reengineering functions which they already had. 
Whoever put it into people's heads that proprietary software was safer than... Read full post

MiSYS Open Source Solutions is 'best use of open source' 2011 Guardian competition for Health and Social Care

September 7, 2011 by gfoss   Comments (0)


This is an update from an earlier blog entry I did for IHE-UK a couple of years ago.
Well if you believe that IHE's cross-enterprise document sharing (XDS) open standard is the bees knees, just imagine an open source XDS solution!
XDS provides a standard method for submitting and querying any kind of document, even DICOM images (XSD-I). The interface is defines in term of web service definitions, which defines a standardised ebXML interface between service user applications and a repository... Read full post

IHE is still amazing - 10 years on

September 5, 2011 by gfoss   Comments (0)

When a vendor claims a product is “interoperable” with another product, take a pinch of salt. There are a thousand ways in which a product can “work with” or “be compatible with” another and a million ways in which they can’t. Being more specific about interoperability simply highlights the enormous scope for non-interoperability. 
IHE have found a more powerful approach.
“In healthcare, you no longer have to build... Read full post