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Transparency as a business asset

November 11, 2014 by gfoss   Comments (0)

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Developers and software providers love open source software (OSS) for its capability, maturity, accessibility and transparency. So why isn't there more promotion of the use of open source software and why do procurement professionals find it so difficult to grasp the value of OSS?
One of the key reasons may lie in the genuine lack of clarity that surrounds the accounting of open source software, which has zero license cost.
The ubiquitous use of OSS throughout the technology sector... Read full post

EHI Live 2013 - Open Source in the NHS - Next Up!

November 12, 2013 by gfoss   Comments (0)

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Well that went rather well! Certainly the lead up to the event was full of expectation and the openning session in Theatre B was set up to be a blockbuster, with Beverely Bryant, Bill Aylward, Wai Keong Wong, Ed Wallitt and Damian Murphy , all to speak about open source in the NHS.
They didn't dissapoint: Beverley Bryant announced £20m of 2014/15 funding for open source projects, Bill Aylward announced new funding sources for OpenEyes as well as international use in Orbis and USAid, Wai... Read full post

Open Government!?

September 16, 2013 by gfoss   Comments (0)


 . . . Was actually the name that I coined for the 'open source in government' exhibition stand at the ill fated Guardian's Smartgov Live show in 2011. Now the phrase stands for something much bigger and the Open Government Partnership is conducting a survey to find out what you think about it.
The Open Government Partnership is comprised of government and civil society representatives from around the world. The funding for the group is around $2m per year and comes mainly from... Read full post

NHS IT rising on openness . . . I do hope so!

December 28, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (0)

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2012 has been a milestone year for NHS IT culture. Various commentators from across the clinical, IT and informatics spectrum have campaigned successfully to establish open standards, open data and open source as the central pillars of any new NHS-wide initiative.
But there is a still a long haul ahead in terms of getting these new values and themes to be adopted in the systems being purchased and installed across the NHS and there is always the problem of how to deal with the anti-open... Read full post

Levelling the Playing Fields of Procurement

November 29, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (0)

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There is a fair bit of interest in this topic, since Liam Maxwell's "Better for Less" barnstormer, which attacked the state of UK IT Procurement and the dominance of the market by a handful of large System Integrators. So in response to a public request from LIam at his talk at EHI Live 2012, I got together with a group of people who have experience in both procurment and hackdays to put together a paper which proposes the use of hackdays in pre and post procurement phases of a project.
The... Read full post

Skunkworks and Hackdays

November 17, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (0)


The Skunkworks is a showcase for the products and open source platforms used in the hackday process. This year the showcase  featured a range of open source SME's (See KIrsty's blog entry for more details.):

LIferay: the popular open source java-based portal system - they also fo an office product which acts more as a social network
Scraperwiki: The ingenious website scraper product - essential for any useof open data at hackdays
Tactix4: provide of hosted N3 solutions and products ,... Read full post

Open Source Skunkworks at EHI 2012

October 1, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (0)


Stimulating Innovation with Open Source Software
2012 is a big year for Open Source. Skunkworks One at EHI Live 2011 was an ambitious experiment which succeeded at one level and failed at another. The showcasing of the range and quality of open source software to the general healthcare user and procurement community worked very well. But at the time I felt that it hadn't yet achieved its core objective :” to put clinicians directly in touch with software developers, to reinvigorate a new... Read full post

Hackday culture

October 1, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (0)

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Well the world certainly has gone hack crazy, since Aidan Mcguire of Scraperwiki came to the Skunkworks 2011 stand last year and held the first ad hoc NHS Hack. Since then NHSHackday has gone on to achieve stellar things in terms of energising NHS geeks to help reengineer the nations health IT.
Now you might naturally think - oh he's just hyping things up! But when the NHS Information Centre announces that it is to change its normal procurement process, and introduce a HACK WEEK starting on... Read full post

So how can the Olympics help . . . pubic procurement of IT?

August 8, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (0)

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We are all marvelling at the achievement of this wonderful London 2012 Team GB. Even a sceptic like me could be found yesterday, scrabbling around the Olympics website for the remaining tickets  - BMX Cycling are still free if anyone is interested! Is it just me, or am I seeing more runners and cyclists on the road as a result? I can only marvel at team GB's achievement and give credit where credit is due for the organisers and participants.
Why participate in the Olympics?
MONEY cannot... Read full post

Enabling local procurement with global open standards – the view from IHE-UK

June 27, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (0)

Enabling local procurement with global open standards – the view from IHE-UKByline:Submitted by Malcolm Newbury, supplier co-chair of IHE-UK and director at Guildfoss*Tint panel below byline:Something to say? email info@radmagazine.com Healthcare imaging and informatics has had a date with destiny ever since the DICOM and HL7 protocols were invented. With a fair wind, the next few years will see these disciplines merge into one open architecture standard, with specialist areas of interest... Read full post