November 2012

Levelling the Playing Fields of Procurement

November 29, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (0)

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There is a fair bit of interest in this topic, since Liam Maxwell's "Better for Less" barnstormer, which attacked the state of UK IT Procurement and the dominance of the market by a handful of large System Integrators. So in response to a public request from LIam at his talk at EHI Live 2012, I got together with a group of people who have experience in both procurment and hackdays to put together a paper which proposes the use of hackdays in pre and post procurement phases of a project.
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Skunkworks and Hackdays

November 17, 2012 by gfoss   Comments (0)


The Skunkworks is a showcase for the products and open source platforms used in the hackday process. This year the showcase  featured a range of open source SME's (See KIrsty's blog entry for more details.):

LIferay: the popular open source java-based portal system - they also fo an office product which acts more as a social network
Scraperwiki: The ingenious website scraper product - essential for any useof open data at hackdays
Tactix4: provide of hosted N3 solutions and products ,... Read full post