October 2012

Open Source Skunkworks at EHI 2012

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Stimulating Innovation with Open Source Software
2012 is a big year for Open Source. Skunkworks One at EHI Live 2011 was an ambitious experiment which succeeded at one level and failed at another. The showcasing of the range and quality of open source software to the general healthcare user and procurement community worked very well. But at the time I felt that it hadn't yet achieved its core objective :” to put clinicians directly in touch with software developers, to reinvigorate a new... Read full post

Hackday culture

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Well the world certainly has gone hack crazy, since Aidan Mcguire of Scraperwiki came to the Skunkworks 2011 stand last year and held the first ad hoc NHS Hack. Since then NHSHackday has gone on to achieve stellar things in terms of energising NHS geeks to help reengineer the nations health IT.
Now you might naturally think - oh he's just hyping things up! But when the NHS Information Centre announces that it is to change its normal procurement process, and introduce a HACK WEEK starting on... Read full post